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Current account

The all-round carefree account. Quickly set up, understandable and transparent.             


  • Simple and rapid account opening through WebID.
  • Free account management*
  • Free cash withdrawals at our own ATMs
  • Free online banking
  • Support in German, English and Vietnamese

* Free account management fee: with an average balance of at least € 500 per month.

What are the costs of opening a current account?

  • All costs can be found in the current list of prices and services under "Conditions".

Which cards can be applied for when opening a current account?

  • You can apply for a Maestro card. The other cards are not available.


Where can I find all documents for opening a current account?

  • Documents for opening, identifying, closing and other documents related to the current account can be found under "Forms".

Can I open a current account if I am already in Germany?

  • Yes. You can use your identity card or passport and registration certificate, tax identification number to visit one of our VietinBank branches in Germany and apply for a current account. Or you can print out all the necessary documents online and send them to us by post. For more information, please contact our customer service

When will I receive my account number and IBAN?

  • You will receive all account details immediately after your current account is opened.

What do I have to do if my place of residence changes?

  • You must inform us of your change of residence.

Can I have family members or friends open the current account for me?

  • No. The opening of a current account is only possible by the respective account holder. Current accounts cannot be opened by third parties.


When can funds be transferred to current account?

  • As soon as you have received your account details, you can transfer funds to your current account.


Is it possible to transfer amounts in a currency other than Euro to the  account?

  • Amounts in other currencies will be exchanged into Euro and credited.


How do I get cash in Germany?

  • You can use your Maestro card to withdraw cash free of charge from our ATMs in Berlin. Please note that other banks charge fees for cash withdrawals at their ATMs.

My transfer/debit could not be executed. Why?

  • Please check if there are sufficient funds in your current account and contact our customer service if necessary.


Where can I find help on Online Banking?