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22/11/2012 11:34

Maestro Cards

My Maestro Card does not work. What could be the reason for this?
The Maestro Card contains a magnetic strip whose function can be disrupted by contact with other magnetic fields. These include, for example, magnetic fasteners on handbags or wallets, video recorders, televisions, computers and the conveyor belts at supermarket checkouts. Due to the frequent use of the cards at many different terminals, wear and tear can occur, which can trigger malfunctions. Unfortunately, there is only one remedy for this: storing the ec-card in a protective metal case (e.g. business card case). Since your ec-card cannot be repaired, please order a new ec-card. You will receive a new card shortly afterwards and, for security reasons, a new secret number.
In rare cases, it is also possible that an ec-card is already defective when it is issued, as errors can occur during the production of the product.
In this case, please apply for a new ec-card and return the defective card to us. We will then order you a new card.

How can I cancel a block on my ec-card that I entered myself (e.g. in the event of loss)?
Have you recovered your ec-card? Then please send us a written message. Unblocking at all financial institutions can take about a week. During this time you will not be able to use your ec-card.

What do I have to do if I have blocked my ec-card by entering 3 incorrect PINs?
If you have entered your ec-card PIN incorrectly three times, we have the option of correcting the so-called misuse counter.
Please send us the corresponding form or a written message.
As soon as we have reset the counter, we will inform you by e-mail.
To finally unblock the card, it is necessary to use the card once at an ATM. It is not necessary to make any special entry, it is enough to dispose of an amount there.
After this one-time disposal, you can freely use the card again.
Please note that the correction of the misuse counter is currently only possible at an ATM.

Can I apply for a new PIN for the Maestro Card?
A new PIN can only be issued in conjunction with a new Maestro Card. Please send us the Maestro Card application form by mail or the order by TAN-secured message in Banking. Please also refer to our price list.

How do I cancel an Maestro Card?
If you no longer need your Maestro Card within the validity period, send it to VietinBank with an informal note. If you do not wish to receive a new ec-card after the expiry date, please inform VietinBank at least three months before the expiry date.

Can I change the disposal limit on my girocard?
Changes are possible at any time by sending an order to the bank via online banking or by telephone. The standard limit is any card with a daily limit as 500 EUR.

Which ATMs are available to VietinBank customers at low cost?
As a VietinBank customer, you can use ATMs at VietinBank branch in Germany and branch in Vietnam without any fee. At the ATMs of other banks, each card withdrawal is subject to a fee.

How can I apply for an Maestro Card?
When you open a current account with VietinBank, you can apply for an Maestro Card for yourself or your authorized representative at the same time.

Alternatively, you can send us a signed written application.

Please note that we do not provide Maestro Cards for underage account holders.

How can I block my Maestro Card if it is stolen or lost?
Please block your ec-card at the central blocking office for card blocks in Frankfurt/M. Telephone number 0692551190/0302325797300 or 116116 and send us a written notification of your card number (if available). Remember that any card theft must be reported to the police. Please also refer to our price notice.

How can an authorized representative order an Maestro Card?
You can order an Maestro Card for your authorized representative. The application must be co-signed by the account holder.