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22/11/2012 11:37

Current account


How often will I receive account statements?
You decide how often you want to receive your account statements. On the one hand, you have the option to retrieve the statements via the vending machine in VietinBanks branch according to your individual rhythm. If you retrieve your account statements regularly via the machines, you will no longer receive them by mail. However, you also have the option to have your statements sent to you by mail for a fee (see price list).

Can an individual account be converted into a joint account (Or account)?
It is only possible to set up a joint account (And/Or account) by opening a new account.

What do I have to do if I want to change my name?
Please fill in and sign the form (see in the downloadable form) and send it back to us. Please use the enclosed Post-Ident coupon to carry out a new legitimation check with your changed ID at the post office. This will allow you to send the name change to the VietinBank Germany branch free of charge.
Note: You can also order a new EC card with the name change.
Important: In any case, we require you to change any existing exemption order. In the case of a name change due to marriage with joint tax assessment, the exemption order must be signed by both spouses.
o In the event of marriage, please delete the respective individual exemption orders or reduce them to the amount already claimed. The exemption orders must then be limited until the end of the year so that a joint marital exemption order can be valid.
In the event of divorce/separation of the spouses, the individual exemption orders can only become valid once the joint exemption order has been deleted or reduced to the amount claimed and limited in time. You will need both signatures to delete or change the joint exemption order.

How can I notify my change of address?
Please inform VietinBank Germany Branch of your new address by calling or emailing us. We will prepare an appropriate form for you.

How can I issue an account/deposit power of attorney?
Please use the account/deposit power of attorney form to grant power of attorney.
Only persons over the age of 18 can be authorized.
The power of attorney must be signed by you and your authorized representative. The required identity check for the authorized representative must be carried out at VietinBank or by Post Ident Service. This requires the presentation of a valid identity card or passport. For this purpose, you will need two PostIdent coupons, which can be found on our website.

What is the procedure in case of death?
If VietinBank Germany Branch has an account/deposit power of attorney, the authorized person or the beneficiary can dispose of the credit balance within the scope of the due dates. Therefore, it is advisable to always issue a power of attorney during your lifetime. Without a power of attorney, only all heirs can make joint dispositions. The legitimation of the heirs (e.g. through the certificate of inheritance) is regulated in the General Terms and Conditions. Please note that it may take several weeks for the district court to issue a certificate of inheritance.

What does account/custody account power of attorney mean?
The bank power of attorney applies to all existing and future accounts and securities accounts managed under the customer number you have provided. It is not possible to restrict the power of attorney to individual accounts.
The power of attorney is valid during the account holder's lifetime and beyond his or her death, but can be revoked by one or more heirs after the account holder's death. Dispositions are then only possible by the authorized representative and the revoking party together.